Saturday, April 26, 2014

New in Edition: Part 4: Kandee Tropical Sandals

So I've been stalking these since Kandee put a Spring Collection sneak peek on their Facebook page. I swore that they were going to be my next shoe purchase and I was going to save up for them. Which I did. They're pricey when you convert to USD and then you have to count shipping... HOWEVER, they're worth every penny! The quality is amazing and they're definitely a luxury brand. When they came out before I was devastated that I missed out on them. It was hard narrowing down my decision to only one pair. If I could I would buy them all. I just hope they don't sell out before I get my hands on the rest of the collection!

Tropical $283.15
These look and feel even better in person. I'm so obsessed with these! They come in another color and if these aren't your style then they have plenty in the collection that are drool worthy. I'm a US 7.5 and I decided on a 38 and they fit me perfectly. I'm usually a 38 in luxury brands. If anything measure you foot and compare on the size chart. The suede of these are so soft and rich, you can tell great quality material was used. The spikes are sharp and they have a nice weight to them too. Seriously you need these in your summer wardrobe. 


With Love, Anay

Friday, April 25, 2014

New in Edition: Part 3: JustFab Shoe Haul

So Justfab has really stepped their game up in my eyes and I couldn't help but go to them repeatedly over the last few months. At first I was hesitant. I've ordered from them before but was not impressed with the quality even though their loyal fans raved about them. I've always adored their bags, but I'm not a bag lady. Strictly shoes, so I sat back and watched pretty much. It took me a while to order the shoes I've been looking at and I'm glad I finally took the plunge. Unfortunately that opened up Pandoras Box and there are quite a few shoes on my Wish List that I'm dying to get. Pretty much the entire Luxe collection! I have one pair on their way to me right now but that's another post. Another thing I'm loving about Justfab is their app. Hands down the best site app I have ever seen. I'm not exaggerating. It's easy to use and organized. They need to give that designer a raise. I look at it daily even though I'm not buying. I just love using it, more than the site even!  The only thing I have an issue with is the separating between VIP and ELITE. Elite is for their special customers, exclusive membership. JustFab picks you to be Elite, I don't know how but you cannot opt into the program. VIP is everyone else. I was okay being VIP until the rewards perks changed. You can no longer earn points to a free credit, only Elite members can. Booo!! Even though you can buy Justfab shoes on, I'm sticking with them. Their shoes on are priced higher. I do love that they're the only site that stuck to their $39.95 main price point. Even guest designer shoes on their site are listed as $39.95. The luxe line, which to me look like all steve madden shoes are a bit higher but worth the price and still cheaper than the other shoe membership clubs. JustFab has renewed my love for them. Now onward to the shoes!

Ambrosia VIP-$39.95 REG-$49.00
 The first time these came out in black they sold out immediately. I saw them too late but was happy when JustFab debuted two new colors last month. Navy and Grey. They fit true to size and are beautiful. 

Richelle VIP-$39.95 REG $49
I was going to pass on these but I was constantly taunted by every blogger I followed and all the awesome shoefies of them on IG and JustFab FB page. I obviously caved when the overwhelming thought of them selling out overcame me. I didn't want them to sell out and then I regret it forever. Usually if the shoes are well known they sell out and the likeliness of them coming back in stock is slim. JustFab rarely restocks. To be honest, I've never seem them restock a pair of shoes. If you're lucky you can get them from but for way more that $49. Anyway, these run true to size length wise but the toe strap is a little tight. They're definitely not wide foot friendly. They a bit stiff, but it's not that bad. Even with the platform, cushioned sole, and the block heel I don't see me wearing these for a long while. Maybe after once the toe strap loosens up I will be able to wear them longer without any discomfort. Since having Amelia, my feet feel wider. It's been 6 weeks now and they still feel wider. Maybe I'm an 8 now...  

Lotus VIP $39.95 REG $49
These are gorgeous and as soon as I seen them on the JustFab app I knew I had to have them no matter what. I waited for them to debut on the 1st and I grabbed them as soon as I found them on the site. They took forever to come though. They're even better in person. It's a shock I even got these since they're similar to Steve Madden Realove and those did not work out for me, but I convinced myself these were different. The toe strap is thicker so they wouldn't cut into my toes. Which they don't, but the toe strap is tight. They're not too uncomfortable and for $39.95 I think they're a steal. Plus I'm a sucker for floral! These either work for you or they don't. In my 7.5 the heel is a bit loose and the toe is tight. It all depends on you. I think with a foot petal you could increase your comfort. It would keep your feet from sliding forward while pushing your heels into the back of the shoes. They stable so I don't believe I'll be wobbling around. I love the canvas material too. They look way more than price tag. Unfortunately Lotus is completely sold out. Maybe you could place them on your wait list, stalk them, and keep your fingers crossed that your size pops up.

Gillian VIP $39.95 REG $49
Gillian is by far my favorite purchase out of all my recent shoe purchases. She's the perfect summer, spring, fall shoe. If I could get away with them in the winter I would say perfect for then too. They're so comfortable and they don't feel like heels at all. I can definitely wear theses for long hours. They fit true to size length and width wise. They were made for me! I really do want every color. The red is sold out but Yellow and Black is still available in a few sizes. I really hope my size doesn't sell out because I need the other two. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that they were low stock. I honestly think I would cry if they sell out in my size! At least I got the red right? I love the detail on these. They zip in the back the buckles are not real buckles. however on the inner part of the ankle strap it stretches so you can get a good stride. I'm obsessed with the details of these shoes. The quality is superb.

Vernon VIP $39.95 REG $49
I've seen this style around for the longest but didn't jump on them. They pretty much filtered through every level and skill of designer. Giuseppe Zanotti, Zara, Shoemint, ShoeDazzle, and local boutiques. I passed on them all. However the more that I seen them, the more I wanted them. I figured to get them in Black so I could get more use out of them. They fit true to size width and length wise. Since they string all the way up you can tighten it around the smallest and thickest ankles. These are my second favorite purchase. I've already wore them too. I took Easter photos with my family so now they will forever be apart of our history. I wore them for a few hours and did a lot of walking, so my pad did begin to hurt. They have no platform so that was expected. I still won't hesitate to wear these again.

Jeneva VIP-$39.95 REG-$49

I saw Jeneva on IG and had to have her. I decided to get her in black too so I could wear her with everything. They fit true to size width and length wise. They're a bit loose in the arch and ankle, but that's just my low arches and skinny ankles. My constant delimma. However, they're comfortable and easy to walk in. I don't think I'll have any trouble with these.

So this is all from JustFab for now. I have Fairfield on the way to me. I can't wait.They still have the $49 for all Luxe items. I hope they keep that for a while because I definitely want to get a few more before that promotion ends. Right now they have a bag promotion 2 bags for $49.95 when they're originally $39.95 each. Great deal but you know me... Strictly shoes!

Look out for the Part 4! 

If you follow me on IG I post outfits and new shoes regularly and you get a look at my baby girl Amelia!

With Love, Anay

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New In Edition: Part 2: Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and Cece L'amour

Part two of my New in Edition, features from Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and CeCe L'amour.

Steve Madden Panelope
These I got during the Steve Madden clearance and I wish I was quick enough to get all colors. They're a great addition to next Fall/Winter lineup. They don't feel high at all. The only thing is that you need a full size big. I got a half size big after reading the reviews and they fit right on. Which means the most I could wear these with are tights and stockings. Nothing thick. But I can work with that. The color is a rich wine and they're round toe. I love the curve of the heel, it adds a little sass. They're not on the site anymore, but they may pop up again. Or if you find these on eBay I wouldn't pass on these.

Jessica Simpson Dany in Navy Stars $49-$109
I finally got them after falling in love with them years ago only to have them sell out, to falling out of love with them to back again. I took a leap and they're not as amazing as I thought they were going to be. I do like them though and want to give them a chance. My issue with them is that they only come in full sizes and I'm a half size. Reviews were evenly mixed. Meaning 25% said true to size, 25% said half size too big 25% half size too small, and another 25% said they were a full size too small. I decided to go up to a size 8. (I'm a 7.5) and they fit okay. I don't think I would have ran into too much trouble had I sized down. I should have since the shoe is open toe. It's disappointing since my shoe size gut has never let me down. I usually make the right choice in these situations. The shoes are not flopping off me of course! The issue is that the buckle sits on my ankle bone. I haven't worn them long enough to see if this will become an issue. I hope not because the shoe is beautiful. I do wish I would have gotten a different color though. But these were on sale and I was in a BLUE phase. Another thing about them is that they're heavy. That's not a big deal, I expected that, I mean, look at all that wood! 

Cece L'amour Barbara $34.99-$144.99
I finally got these after waiting for the price to drop and I'm glad I did. I'm not a big wedge fan but I do love these. Leopard print, ankle strap, big bow? Yes please. I'm a bit upset with Amazon about the packaging, one of my bows has a scuff on it, the suede rubbed off, but I got a great deal on them and did not want to return. It's not bad though. The quality is meh, but the detail is great. I think the pricing is a little too high for the quality. They're better off being under $100. After reading the reviews I decided to go up a half a size and I'm glad I did. They really are a half size too small and the 8 fits perfectly.I love the bottom of the shoes. Non-slip soles are awesome and they're made so pretty. They're comfortable and easy to walk in. The shoes are lightweight, almost as if you have flats on! I want to these in pink and get Leeah from the same brand, but with patience.


With Love, Anay